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Welcome to The ImpactValley's Coaching Services

Are you ready to take your Leadership, Coaching, Consulting, High Ticket Sales  and Business skills  to new heights? Look no further than ImpactValley’s transformative Coaching Services.

About Dr. Gerald Amandu

Dr. Gerald Amandu is the Co-founder and CEO of The ImpactValley. With over 20 years of Higher Education and Corporate Leadership experience, Dr. Amandu holds a doctorate in Health Sciences, and a Masters in Leadership and Management. He has extensive experience in business transformation having personally owned several businesses.

Today, Dr. Amandu is a globally recognized expert in mindset transformation, leadership development, high-ticket and consultative selling, coach and consultant training and business development strategies. He serves both individual and corporate clients.

About Coach Shilpa Joshi

Coach Shilpa Joshi is co-founder of The ImpactValley and CEO of Impower. She has  nearly 30 years of Corporate experience in the Banking industry where she enjoyed rapid career growth. At 27,  she was in the CEO’s office managing critical responsibilities. By  40, she rose to the rank of  Assistant Vice President in an esteemed financial institution and by 47, she was appointed President and then Executive Director in a Multinational Company. 

In these roles she learned key skills in leadership, team and stakeholder management, business development, and much more. Today she serves individual and corporate clients from around the world as Coach, Consultant, Mentor and High Ticket Expert.

How We Can Help You

As your coach and mentor, we offer personalized coaching programs tailored to your specific needs and goals. Whether you're a leader looking to enhance your leadership skills, or an experienced professional or expert seeking to become a coach or consultant, or a service entrepreneur aiming for significant business growth, we have the expertise and tools to guide you on your journey to success. We have 50+ years of combined battle tested leadership, sales, and business building experience ready to be unleashed today!

What To Expect

Expert Guidance

Benefit from my vast knowledge and experience in leadership development, high-ticket sales, and business strategy.

Tailored Solutions

Receive customized coaching programs designed to address your unique challenges and maximize your strengths.

Proven Results

Achieve tangible results and measurable improvements in your leadership, business performance, and overall success.

Coaching Programs Available

Leadership Development

Unlock your full leadership potential, improve your decision-making skills, and inspire your team to achieve greatness.

Coaching and Consulting Mastery

Turn your expertise into profitable business as a High Impact Coach or Consultant and transform the lives of individual clients and businesses.

Business Growth Strategies

Discover proven strategies to scale your business, increase profitability, and achieve sustainable growth.

High-Ticket Sales Mastery

Master the art of high-ticket sales, close more deals, and boost your revenue streams effectively.

Business Accelerator Mentorship

Transform Your Expertise Into A Profitable Business With Our Advanced Business Strategies And Secure Your Financial Future Today.

Let's Get Started

Ready to elevate your business to the next level?

Schedule a consultation today to discuss your goals and how our coaching services can help you achieve them.

Here Is What Our Client's Say About Us

"Working with Dr. Amandu and Coach Shilpa are game-changing for my business. Their insights and strategies have helped me increase my revenue and build my business rapidly."

~ Coach Claudio Allavena ~

Founder and CEO, Ponte Academy

Milan, Italy

“I am grateful to my amazing Coach Gerald Amandu… I have doubled my fees as a career consultant, moved to a beautiful Island in a dream place and my son is now in a private digital business school in Barcelona”.

~ Coach Murielle Maitre ~

Career Consultant, and CEO, Murielle Maitre Corp

Paris, France

“I am excited for the coaching of Gerald Amandu. My encounter with him was very amazing. I am already experiencing tremendous effects. This is probably the best investment I have made for myself. I’m so thankful.”

~ Barbra Tabasan ~

Founder and CEO, Tabasan Japan Surplus Rebuilders Corp


“ I just want to thank you again Coach Shilpa for your superb coaching sessions to lead the professionals to next-level success! You are such an Amazing Coach and I am grateful to You and I Appreciate your efforts and suitable solutions!”

~ Coach Jun Ngo ~

High Ticket Closer and High Ticket Coach
Hong Kong, China



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Explore the problems we could solve for you – so you no longer have to feel stuck in your business.

Problem #1 - Do You Feel Stuck and Frustrated in Life?

Do You Often:

• Feel overburdened, overwhelmed and burnt out?

• Doubt your ability to succeed in life and business?

• Catch yourself engaging in self-sabotage?

• Resist change, loss, or transition in life and business?

• Question the meaning of your life and business activities?

If The Answer is “Yes”,

Grab your chance to schedule a 30 mins commitment FREE Consultation call with our Success Advisor who will help you Find Your Life Purpose. When you are crystal clear on your purpose you’ll take your life to the next level and start creating massive success.

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Problem #2 - Are You Struggling To Achieve Massive Results?

Do You Constantly:

• Self-sabotage by regularly engaging in unproductive activities?

• Keep procrastinating and delaying taking life changing action?

• Doubt your ability to achieve the results you want and deserve?

• Struggle to be held accountable for your actions by others?

• Worry about what others think of you and your business?

If The Answer is “Yes”,

Schedule a FREE 30 mins Consultation call with our Success Advisor. We’ll help you achieve wild success by training your mind to attract success. Learn how to easily take consistent action and become successful in life and business.

Schedule your FREE 30 min Coaching Session!

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Driving Growth, Amplifying Impact

Maurice Mertjoe, Indonesia

"Coach Gerald is really fun and awesome coach. He always has this high energy that I really love, every time I have the meeting with him... It gives me high energy! Coach Gerald really helped me a lot and I went outside of my comfort zone... again."

Nathan Tochilnikov, USA

"I have spoken to Gerald Amandu once on zoom and he has left me with a life long valuable impression. I know you have come to a great place!"

Liping Feng, Japan

"Since the start of corona, I'm always blessed by a personal trainer. I feel like I've grown another one today. Got so caught up in one thing, Sometimes you can't see the whole thing. We need to do it on the business, not in the business. Thanks, my coach!"







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